The Advantages of Having a Wine Consultant

With so many wine stores, large wine sections at local supermarkets, and online wine sales websites, why turn to a wine consultant? We’ve compiled a list of some of the many financial and personal benefits of having a professional guide your wine purchases.

#1: You develop a personal relationship with a professional in the wine industry

Your butcher knows your favorite cuts of meat (and hopefully makes fantastic recipe recommendations). Your mechanic knows your car’s make and model and provides upkeep when necessary. Your favorite jeweler repairs your jewelry and assists when selecting gifts for special occasions. In many industries, we rely on professionals to help us with our purchases; in turn, we often develop trusted relationships.

A wine consultant will provide you the same personalized services. At Quigley Fine Wines, once you begin working with a wine consultant, they are dedicated to you as a client. Our professionals learn about your interests, your lifestyle, your wine budget, and your food and wine preferences. They then make recommendations based on these factors (and of course welcome feedback on any wine purchased). Each time you work with a consultant, the experience becomes more and more personalized.

#2: You have access to small-allocation, boutique wines

Imported U.S. wines tend to be from wineries with large-scale productions. As a result, the average American tends to miss out on smaller-production, boutique wines from around the world.

At Quigley, we bring small-production wines to consumers who would not have this access otherwise. Our customers gain a pass to the world’s high-quality wines from low-profile producers; in the process, they also gain an understanding of lesser-known regions, wine makers, and wineries.

#3: You try new wines without risk

Unlike larger (and less personal) wine websites and wine clubs, Quigley Fine Wines ships directly to you on your schedule . . . and requires no sign up commitments. Wines are shipped when you need them, based on dates that you determine. And if you don’t love a wine, tell us: you never have to keep a wine you dislike!

#4: You save money typically spent on distributors

The traditional wine industry relies upon high retailer and distributor costs, which can comprise roughly 10 to 35% of a wine’s costs. Bypass these costs by purchasing wine through a consultant. When you purchase wine in this manner, you know that the price reflects the wine’s quality rather than its travel and purchase history.

#5: You discover the wine industry in a more personal way

Most of us are used to browsing the aisles of a wine store or wine section of a supermarket. It’s a common scene: the consumer observing, picking up bottles, reading labels, and perhaps using a smartphone to search the wine’s ratings and descriptions.

Does this sound familiar?

This experience can be frustrating and surprisingly isolating. With a wine consultant, purchasing wine becomes a personal experience. Your consultant will not only provide you with the wine’s descriptions and accolades, but also the wine’s story. By learning about the wine’s region, the winemakers, and the wine’s unique attributes, you become connected to the wine that you drink. Wine drinking again becomes a fun experience of exploration (and education, without the pretension).

Contact Quigley Fine Wines to connect with a wine consultant and begin the next phase of your wine education.