Wines for Spring

Spring is here; does this change the way you drink? As you start cooking dishes with spring ingredients, you may find yourself inspired to try some new wines that complement the lighter, seasonal fare. Here are some wines to try this spring.

Sparkling wine

Has it been a while since you opened a bottle of bubbly? Many still associate sparkling wines with celebrations and holidays like New Year’s Eve: consider it a fun style of wine to pair with spring dishes. Try something new, like a Spanish cava, an Italian prosecco, or a French sparkling that isn’t from Champagne. Pair with canapes, smoked salmon, and soft cheeses: the bubbles and acidity will cut the creaminess and saltiness of these flavors.

Italian white wines

You are probably familiar with Pinot Grigio. Other than this grape, what Italian white wines do you know well? The country may be famed for its bold red wines like Chianti, Barolo, and Amarone, but coastal Italy is also home to delicious seafood and crisp white wines to pair. Try a Friulano, which has pear aromas and an almond finish (and which ages quite well), or a Fiano, which is a delicious and bright wine produced in the Southern Italian regions of Campania and Puglia. Fiano’s hints of tropical fruits make it an excellent choice for shrimp and lighter seafood; Friulano is excellent with lightly battered calamari, firm white fish, and lighter, creamy cheeses.

Something Spanish

Spanish white wines are not known for being full-bodied. Instead, the wines are crisp and light, which make them a nice accompaniment to the simple seafood platters you find served throughout the coasts of the peninsula. Try a Verdejo, which has firm acidity and cuts the richness of butter-roasted vegetables, shrimp, lobster, and avocado.


As soon as the sun comes out, many tend to develop a craving for rosé. Why is that? Something about the sun and warm-weather dishes seem to invite this wine with its spring-like pink hues. Rosé is an excellent choice with picnic fare: cold pasta salads, light sandwiches, and simple butter lettuce salads.

Pinot Noir

A light but elegant Pinot Noir with notes of bright cherry is perfect on a warm day. Pinot Noir is an excellent wine to pair with grilled salmon and vegetables roasted with thyme, or a traditional roasted chicken with herbs. If you’re looking for something a little different, try a seared duck breast with a pomegranate glaze.

Are you interested in trying something new this spring? Contact Quigley Fine Wines! Our wine experts will share this year’s most exciting regions and vintages, and help you select the perfect wine and pairings.