Why buy wine online?

Why buy wine online?

How we socialize, work, and shop look much different than they did last year. For many, this includes how they shop for wine. Numerous wine lovers who once enjoyed visiting a tasting room to select their wines for purchase now purchase their wines online.

If you are new to buying wine online, this can be daunting. Where do you start? And who can you trust? Thankfully, Quigley Fine Wines’ knowledgeable consultants have been guiding clients through in-home wine purchases since opening our doors. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider purchasing wine online.

Better access to hand-selected, boutique wines

Wine stores often tend to purchase wines from large-production wineries. These bulk purchases allow the stores to offer wines at a low price; however, there is a downside: these wines tend to be those found in most grocery stores or wine shops.

Online boutiques, on the other hand, offer hand-selected wines from small production wineries. This exclusivity means that you have access to small-batch wine production from quality winemakers.

More (and better) information

Franchised wine stores often have a small sticker or label to “guide” you when purchasing wines (and perhaps a wine store clerk, who is probably busy stocking the shelves). In many cases, the stickered or “suggested” wines might actually just be wines that the retailer wants to offload due to an overstock of inventory.

Online wine stores, however, often provide detailed information about the wine, the winery, and the winemaker. Knowledge is always key when making purchases; why shouldn’t it be the same with wine? Quigley Fine Wine consultants (and our website) provide you details about the wine and the family who crafted it. With Quigley, your wine has a unique story!


Online shopping is all the rage for a reason: people love the convenience of shopping from their home or office at any time of day or night. Online wine stores offer this same convenience: no trips to the liquor store, no looking for parking, no lugging wine to your car and into your home. Instead, mail delivery does the heavy lifting for you!

Guaranteed high quality storage

Chances are, the bottle you purchase from a store has not been stored in the right temperature or in the correct position. Quigley Fine Wines are stored in ideal temperature and lighting conditions, which guarantees that your wine was not exposed to the elements. Wines are shipping immediately––and in high quality shipping containers that guarantee the safety of the wines. Can a local grocery store guarantee the same level of quality and care in regard to storage?

Our Quigley Fine Wine representatives are here to share their passion for wine and their knowledge with you. Contact us today to learn more about our hand-selected wines, or visit our website to learn more about our selection.