Beth Fraitag, Wine Consultant

What do you love the most about being in the wine industry?

What I love about being in the wine industry are all the adventures wine brings into my life. Every time I pop the cork on a bottle, I open myself up to a never-ending sea of experiences, flavors, nuances and taste-bud adventures. It’s a refreshing concept to constantly be open to “newness.” I love experiencing subtle differences between multiple bottles of the same wine, say over the course of a few years, as well as the evolution of a wine over the course of an evening. Wine is a living thing; all living things evolve, change, develop and grow, which in turn makes our world the wonderful place that it is. Each bottle is a new adventure, a blend of terroir, people, romance, history and culture. I love being exposed to all the beautiful expressions wine provides.

If you were a bottle of wine what wine would you be and why?

If I were a bottle of wine I would want to be bubbles, any kind of bubbles! Well, good bubbles, that is. Bubbles are for celebrating all our blessings in life and they bring joy and smiles to those who drink them.
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