What Does Quigley Fine Wines Do?

Quigley Fine Wines is a wine importer and winery specializing in small production, artisan wines from Italy, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, California and Oregon. We sell directly to consumers through our wine consultants, tasting room, wine club and to a select group of restaurants.

Our wine consultants work one-on-one with our clients to offer a personalized curation of small-production wines, while sharing the story behind every bottle

How Do I Purchase Wines From Quigley Fine Wines?

To have access to our full portfolio of wines, purchase directly from your personal wine consultant. You may also purchase from our tasting room in downtown San Diego, our ever-expanding online wine shop, or join our wine club where you can choose the quantity and frequency of your shipments. Learn more about our wine club here.

Am I Required To Purchase Wine Monthly?

Only if you sign up for our wine club and choose to receive monthly shipments. Otherwise, you purchase wines at your leisure and pace. Your consultant calls you only when the right wines for you become available. They will provide you with all the details of the wine and winemaker. It is your choice whether or not to purchase the wines.

How Can I Order Online?

You can now order online at QuyigleyFineWines.com!

What Makes Quigley Fine Wines Different Than Other Wine Consulting Firms And Direct Importers?

Our wine consultants are knowledgeable, passionate and invested. Their number one goal is not to “sell” wine. Instead they hope to form lasting relationships to help you better explore the wine world, without guess work and more importantly, without pretension.

Unlike most importers that bring wines into the country produced in case lots of 10,000 or more, our wines are truly small production, artisan wines sourced from winemakers committed to sustainable practices. Approximately 95 percent of the wines we import are produced in lots of fewer than 1,000 cases with some production sizes as small as one barrel (25 cases). This also applies to our domestic wines. All of our wines are exclusive to our company; none are available in any retail shop in the United States. Quigley Fine Wines has built a reputation of discovering rising stars before they hit the world stage including winemakers Carmelo Rodero and Bric Cenciurio.

What States Can Quigley Fine Wines Ship To?

Quigley Fine Wines can ship to every state with the exception of Kansas, Mississippi, South Dakota, Utah and Oklahoma.

What Is A Wine Consultant And What Are The Advantages Of Working With One?

A wine consultant is a professional with a deep knowledge of the wine world including regions, styles and varietals. Our wine consultants work one-on-one with you around your palate and then source wines for you accordingly. They take the guesswork out of your wine buying, provide exclusive access to exceptional wines and help you explore the vast world of wine without risk. Best of all, they make the wine buying experience fun and educational.

How Many Wineries Does Quigley Fine Wines Work With?

Our list of wineries is constantly evolving as we make relationships with new producers and regions in the wine world. You can find a list of current wineries under the tech sheet tab at the top of our website.

What Is Quigley Fine Wines Client Satisfaction Policy?

It is our goal to develop strong, trusting relationships with our clients. We know that you have many options when it comes to buying your wine, so in an effort to make sure you are always happy with our selections and our service, we will happily offer an exchange if you receive a wine that does not suit your palate.

That being said, wine can often “turn” or become spoiled if not stored properly, so we do offer a time limit on this policy as we have no way of knowing how a wine is cared for once it leaves our refrigerated wine warehouse. Please let us know within 30 days of receiving your order if you are unsatisfied with the wine. Returns and exchanges will not be granted if beyond the 30 day period. Thank you for understanding.

Where Is Quigley Fine Wines Located?

Our company is located at 1551 Fourth Avenue, Suite 101, San Diego, California, 92101. We also operate a fully climate controlled warehouse in Oceanside, California.

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