Agricola Fontanelle

Agricola Fontanelle is located in the west side of the Chianciano Terme of Chianti, Tuscany. It is 55 hectares overall and is owned and operated by the legendary Rosati Brothers… Each brother possess their own set of unique talents on this beautiful and sustainably farmed land. Winemaker Riccardo Rosati, one of the three brothers, relies on his personal passion and his experience inherited over generations of family winemaking to create wines of depth and complexity. Vineyards are cultivated according to the high-density, low-yield system so as to obtain the highest quality wine. In addition to making world-class wines, Agricola Fontanelle has arguably the greatest olive oil in all of Tuscany. The farm is also home to an ‘heirloom’ breed of pig which is the original pig race of the hills of Montemaggio (a small Mountain in Siena). It is free roaming on the land of Agricola Fontanelle, raised with love by one of the Rosati brothers and free from any form of cage or stall so as to “maintain the wellbeing of the animals and to produce the best quality meat.” We have plans to import both the oils and the meats of Agricola Fontanelle in the near future.