Malabaila Di Canale

The Castle of the Malabailas of Canale was built around 1270 as a defense fortress of the village of Canale. Around 1600, the castle was enlarged to become a residence, and in 1512, passed to the Malabailas. In their cellars, in the middle of the vineyards, wines are maturing in constant temperature and away from light and noise. The Malabailas are noble family from the city of Asti. The Malabaila vineyards are positioned not far from the town of Alba north of the river Tanaro in an unique area characterized by small steep hills and scattered woodland. Since the Medieval era, it has been known as Roero. The wines are made with the same care as they were centuries ago, but with modern technology. The estate vineyards cover an area of 22 hectares from which produce red wines, white wines, and dessert wines.