San Cassiano

San Cassiano seeks harmony with nature and a balance between tradition and modernity. Vinification is done without oenological intervention by simply allowing the nature of the wine to take shape, to place its personality in the forefront; always unique and different, according to the terroir and vintage. The practice of drying grapes in Valpolicella is unique in the world of red wines. The particular climate facilitates this delicate phase which permits the producer to increase the level of sugars and the organoleptic intensity. Aging takes place in fine and extremely fine grain French durmast oak casks without adding foreign scents of wood to the wine, but simply by protecting it from humidity and extreme temperatures. In the end, a final touch is added by refining the wine in the bottle. Only the most mature vineyards are chosen in order to guarantee absolute excellence. In addition, the harvest is performed by hand which allows us control of the quality and level of ripeness of each individual bunch of grapes.