Meridith Craven, Wine Consultant

What do you love the most about being in the wine industry?

My favorite thing about being a consultant in the wine industry is that it affords me the opportunity to build fantastic relationships with my clients, which come from so many diverse backgrounds. As an individual who values knowledge and trustworthiness, my greatest honor is when my clients invite me to set up private tastings for them and those dearest to them. This always makes for an evening filled with delightful wine, tasty food, and most importantly, laughter. I love that wine brings people together and that I can be a part of that, all while educating and introducing them to some new selections along the way.

Describe the all-time best food and wine you’ve ever created.

Having received formal training in the culinary arts, I tend to view wines from a food pairing perspective; I take great pride in assembling the perfect menu. One of my all-time favorite pairings that I personally created was the Pinoli Cole Riesling served with seared sea scallops, coconut rice and a key lime curry beurre blanc. This one hit the nail on the head. The combination of the curry spice with the crisp, clean finish on the Riesling was sublime. (Click here for the recipe). So, if you love delicious food and great wine, I invite you to join me on my next wine adventure.
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