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Mike Blatt, Wine Consultant & Private Event Specialist

What do you love the most about being in the wine industry?

Yes!!! Seriously, what is there not to love? I take pride in the fact that the word “Industry” loses it’s meaning in what we do. Vineyard to Table is the philosophy we live by. Everybody wants to know where their food comes from, but very few people have stopped and said “Hey, where the hell do my grapes come from?” When you pick up a bottle of red that says California Red, you have no idea where those grapes came from. What part of California or what else is mixed in? We know who our winemakers are, we know who’s growing these grapes.

If you were a bottle of wine what wine would you be and why?

I would be a Magnum of a classic vintage Champagne, Burgundy, Brunello, or Right Bank Bordeaux…Why Magnum? It always amazes me how fast a single bottle can be consumed in a group setting. Magnums last twice as long, not only in the consuming state, but the overall life of the wine. The proportion of exposed wine to unexposed wine decreases exponentially as the bottle size increases which means that larger bottles (like Magnums) have less exposure to the effects of oxygen, making the ageing process different than that of regular sized bottles. No matter how many people have the same wine that you do, a Magnum of that same wine will drink differently than theirs. Magnums make a statement, just like Quigley Fine Wines in the world of wine professionals stands taller than the rest.
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