Spanish Wineries

ABCD Spanish Winery


Winemaker Pilar García Duque was born in Castilla y León, the birthplace of the Verdejo grape. After graduating with a degree in chemistry and oenology, she worked for several years for some of the more renowned Spanish wineries. The ABCD Verdejo is the realization of her own dream to create a wine that would not only express her personal style but also display the diversity of the terroir of the vineyards. Rueda sits on the plains of the Duero River Valley just west of the Ribera del Duero D.O. The alluvial soils with the clay and gravel subsoils make an ideal location for the Verdejo grape. The ABCD project is focused on producing only one wine, a Verdejo from a few small vineyards of various differing terroirs. Vigorous selection, hand-picking nighttime harvesting, temperature controlled fermentation, and aging for three months on the lees are all done with meticulous attention to detail. The result is one of the greatest Verdejos you will ever experience.

Carmelo Rodero Spanish Winery

Carmelo Rodero

Carmelo Rodero is the fourth generation of a family of growers from Pedrosa de Duero in Burgos (Ribera del Duero). His great-grandparents used to produce wine in the old and traditional winery until his grandparents founded the Cooperative of Pedrosa de Duero. Carmelo founded Bodegas Rodero in 1990. He is particularly proud that since the first vintage in 1991, all his wines have been awarded prizes in the most important fairs and tastings. Beatriz, his eldest daughter, studied Agricultural Engineering in Spain and Oenology at the University of Bordeaux in France. She is now managing the technical department. There is no doubt she inherited the passion for the vines and the wine from her father.

Clos Galena Spanish Winery

Clos Galena

Clos Galena is a small winery located in the Priorat region of Spain near the small municipality of El Molar. The winery is the realization of a dream of owners Merche and Miguel Perez whose lifelong goal was to produce unique and wonderful wines from the challenging and rugged terroir of this area. The vineyards are spread out on eleven acres of land which previously belonged to Carthusian monks from the Scala Dei Monastery starting in the 11th century. The vineyards are planted with Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Merlot, and Syrah. The yields are intentionally kept low to produce wines of great strength and character and the vines are hand tended and grown organically. The steep and rugged terrain can only be hand harvested in the traditional method and the wines produced display this ancient region’s terroir.
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Leon Dormido Spanish Winery

Leon Dormido

Leon Dormido is a mountain in the Rioja region of North Central Spain. Its name means the sleeping lion thanks to its extraordinary shape (it literally looks like a lion taking a nap). It is also the name of a winery started by winemaker Miguel Merino Navajas. Miguel’s mission is to create wines that highlight the native Tempranillo grape along with Garnacha, Graciano and Viura grapes found in this historic wine producing region. By focusing on the vineyard and the fruit and with less emphasis on the oak, the Leon Dormido Rioja wines represent a change in the traditional Rioja style. The wines are all hand made by Miguel, and the vineyards are places he considers unique and special in this rich and bountiful land. Miguel’s experience and depth of knowledge with the vineyards and terroir of the three Rioja sub-regions allow him to craft wines of pure varietal expression with a style that is fresh, elegant and approachable.

Lorce Spanish Winery


The Lorce wines were born out of a passion for the Grenache grape by winemakers Miguel Merino Navaja and Roberto Perez. Miguel makes Rioja wines using the native Tempranillo grape; however, his love of the Grenache varietal led him to the Campo de Borja region of Northwest Spain. This region lies in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains. With elevations of over 2,000 feet above sea level, the vineyards here possess ideal temperature swings and the iron-rich, well-drained soils are perfectly suited for the hearty and durable Grenache vines. The vineyards that bore the fruit for the Lorce wines were planted in 1942 and these hand-trained low-yielding vines produce intense and concentrated wines. The winemaking partnership between Miguel and Roberto has yielded some fantastic wines that put on full display the wonderful potential of the Grenache grape.

Prado Alen Spanish Winery

Prado Alen

The wines of Prado Alen were born from a lifelong passion for the great wines of Spain. Winemaker Celso Cid was the son of a renowned wine distributor who grew up surrounded by wines and quickly developed a love for the wines of Galicia. He dedicated his life to producing wines made from the indigenous grapes of the region and the Prado Alen winery is the result. The Donna Danna wines from Prado Alen winery are made from Albariño, Torrontés, and Treixadura. Celso selects sustainably grown vineyards owned by his good friends and produces small quantities of these wines. The Albariño grape thrives in the mild, moist climate of Rias Baixas and the vineyards for Donna Danna Albariño are in the sub-region of Arbo near the border of Portugal. These shallow, sandy soils and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean create wines with bright fruit flavors and lively acids. The Torrontés and Treixadura grapes come from vineyards in the Prado de Miño sub-region of Ribeiro. This area is slightly dryer than Rias Baixas with a mixture of Atlantic and Mediterranean climates.…Learn More

Señorío del Bierzo Spanish Winery

Señorío del Bierzo

The wines of Señorío del Bierzo all come from the D.O. of Bierzo located in Northwest Spain in the Provence of Leon. The winery is a cooperative of growers who own small plots of old vines throughout the Bierzo D.O. The winemaker, Pablo Franco, is a young 35-year-old native who has a depth of knowledge of the vineyards and varietals grown in this area that is unparalleled in all of Bierzo. The winery focuses on the most important varietals of the D.O. and is committed to preserving the older vineyards of this historic region. Through Pablo’s leadership this group of growers collaborates to create the very special wines of Senorio del Bierzo…Learn More