Señorío del Bierzo

The wines of Señorío del Bierzo all come from the D.O. of Bierzo located in Northwest Spain in the Provence of Leon. The winery is a cooperative of growers who own small plots of old vines throughout the Bierzo D.O. The winemaker, Pablo Franco, is a young 35-year-old native who has a depth of knowledge of the vineyards and varietals grown in this area that is unparalleled in all of Bierzo. The winery focuses on the most important varietals of the D.O. and is committed to preserving the older vineyards of this historic region. Through Pablo’s leadership this group of growers collaborates to create the very special wines of Senorio del Bierzo. The red wines are primarily made from the varietal called Mencia, brought to Spain thousands of years ago by the Romans. The whites are primarily made from Godello, a native grape of Northwest Spain that produces wines that are fresh, elegant, and balanced.