Vineyard to Table

The movement is rooting itself in the dining rooms of Americans around the country. People want to know the story behind what they are consuming – where it comes from, how it was grown and how it impacts their health and the environment. The spotlight, for the moment, is on food quality. But once you start paying attention to what is on your plate, you then can’t help but wonder what is in your glass…

This is why it is our mission to source only high quality wines from small, family owned and operated wineries. We focus on wines made in limited production and which are sustainably produced. The majority of the vineyards we work with practice organic or biodynamic viticulture.

What makes us unique, aside from our wines, is that we do not work with distributors, wholesalers, retailers, or anyone else who can stand in the way of the easy flow of wine from vineyard to table. Far too often the stories, tradition and nuances of a wine are lost in transit and forgotten when a wine hits the shelf – a label and a price tag is all that is left… We are the exclusive importers of these wines to the United States and we bring them directly to your table – complete with the full story of how the wine was made, how the grapes were raised and the family and winemakers behind each bottle.

We offer our wines exclusively to our clients, our friends and family, and to a few select fine-dining establishments.

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